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Good things ahead!

Today I got an account on Mandriva’s build cluster! This means it will be easier for me to submit RPM packages for inclusion in the distribution. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but with some reading on the wiki and the greatly appreciated help from Dvalin, this will work out fine in the end. Currently working on a package for DrScheme, which is a Scheme IDE also used at university here.

Virtualbox released version 1.4.0 of their virtualisation software today. Especially interesting is that they added AMD64 support according to the changelog. This will probably fix the problems I was experiencing a few days ago when trying Virtualbox on my Athlon 64 machine.

At work, I’m currently installing a nice new server consisting of four dual core Opteron CPUs with 16 GB of memory :-) It will be used for running virtual machines (not with Virtualbox, but OpenVZ). Also a new version of the Linux clustering software Kerrighed was released, which I should definitely try out on one of the clusters at work, because the previous version was not much of a success (it just crashed when activating the cluster).

Other good news, I finally fixed my summer holidays. Now I really should start planning what I will do then. Gentse Feesten will of course be high on the list :-)