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Liberation fonts

I quickly redid some of the font settings in the CSS file of this blog. This blog is now using the Liberation fonts!

Packages for these new True Type Fonts are available for all kind of OSes. Those using Mandriva Cooker, can install the fonts-ttf-liberation package with their favourite package manager (urpmi, rpmdrake, smart). Mandriva 2007.1 Spring users, can download this backported RPM package (SRPM available too).

I also changed the font size used in the blog a bit. The template was often using small, x-small and even xx-small fonts, which was a bit too small for my taste. Now it should all be a bit more readable I hope. Let me know what you think of it!


  • AdamW

    You really shouldn’t specify particular font names for web pages IMHO. You should simply specify sans, serif or monospace and leave it to the viewer to choose the font.

    Whatever you set in your CSS, it’s always gonna get overridden to Deja Vu Sans on my machine. =)

  • imr

    I tried and it work flaswlessly with a spring.
    I like the fonts, they are flatter than bitstream vera yet very readable.
    It’s the spacing between lines which look a little bit wide now, less proportionnated to the letters size.

  • Patrick

    Why is that? In my opinion it’s absolutely ok to specify the font one likes most – although the chance that it’s present on the viewer’s computer is perhaps not that high. The important thing is to also specify a family, as fall back.

    I don’t see any problem with something like: “font-family: ‘Liberation Sans’, sans-serif;”

    Btw.: I also use Liberation Sans now. It’s great already, and it will be even more so, when full hinting will be implemented. :)