Inter and IBM Plex fonts for your Linux desktop

Recently I came around a post on the Fediverse mentioning the Inter fonts. There is even a GNOME issue open discussing making the Inter fonts the default in a future version of the GNOME desktop. This prompted me to try this font, and I have to say I am liking it so far.

The Inter font, does not have a monospace version available, but the Inter developer recommended some nice monospace fonts which match Inter. I decided to go for the IBM Plex Mono font.

Both Inter and IBM Plex are packaged in Debian, so you can easily install them with apt:

# apt install fonts-inter fonts-ibm-plex

To change the fonts in the GNOME desktop, you need to launch gnome-tweaks (install the package with apt if it’s not present on your system, and go to Fonts. I set Interface Text and Document Text fonts to Inter Light 10, the Monospace Text font to IBM Plex Mono Regular 10 and the Legacy Windows Titles fonts to Inter Bold.

Then in Firefox in the menu click on Settings and if you scroll down you will find the Fonts section with a button Advanced… next to it. Click on that button and set Proportional font to Sans Serif, the Serif font to IBM Plex Serif, the Sans Serif font to Inter and the Monospace font to IBM Plex Mono.

Of course you can use these fonts in other desktops and browsers.

Enjoy your fresh desktop fonts!

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