Noteworthy Debian Trixie/Sid changes July 8 2023

Here is a late quick overview of important changes in Debian Sid during the last two weeks.

glibc was updated from version 2.36 to version 2.37. This version mostly contains bug fixes and mintor improvements. An important regression by this update was fixed in the Debian package 2.37-4, which is not yet in testing/trixie, so you might want to update immediately to the sid version of glibc if you are on testing.

Linux 6.3.11 fixes the so-called StackRot security vulnerability (CVE-2023-3269). An exploit wil be made public soon and will allow any local user to get root access rights, so make sure you are running this kernel on all your systems. This kernel also re-enables CONFIG_VIRTIO_MEM which got disabled by mistake in Debian 12 Bookworm. Both the StackRot security vulnerability as the CONFIG_VIRTIO_MEM regression are now also fixed in the latest kernel release in bookworm-security.

Server software

PowerDNS Authorative Server 4.8.0 adds Lightning Stream support, while PowerDNS Recursor 4.9.0 has some performance improvements, amongst others.

Cyrus IMAP 3.8.0 adds support for some IMAP RFCs and implements new JMAP features.

NGinx 1.24.0 enables TLSv1.3 by default.

Debian’s Slurm package was updated to version 23.02.3.

Desktop software

Firefox 115 is now available in sid. Keep in mind that the firefox package never moves to testing and stable, only the firefox-esr package does. Firefox 115 will become the future Firefox ESR release though. Most important change in Firefox 115 is that it enables hardware video decoding for Intel GPUs with VA-API on Linux by default.

Remmina in sid was updated from 1.4.29 to 1.4.31. This version brings back the remmina-plugin-spice package which was also disabled in Debian 12.

Digikam 8.0.0 has improved file format support, new OCR tool and other improvements.

The Kdenlive video editor version 23.04 adds nested timelines, new effects and transitions, improvements to subtile handling and integrates the Whisper speech recognition system.

Shotwell 0.32 also brings improved file format support and various other improvements.

Phosh, the GNOME Phone Shell was updated to version 0.29. Improvements include call notification on the lock screen and audio device selection to the settings.

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