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    Noteworthy Mandriva Cooker changes 1 March – 14 March 2010

    GNOME’s development release has reached version 2.29.92, bringing mostly bug fixes. Also KDE got many bug fixes thanks to the new 4.4.1 version. The OpenShot movie editor reached version 1.1 final., bringing improved performance, undo/redo support and many new features. The Zarafa groupware solution is now included in Mandriva. reKonq 0.4.0, a Webkit based KDE web browser, now uses KWallet for password saving. It supports cookies, proxy and disk cache and has an AdBlock function.

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    Noteworthy Mandriva Cooker changes 15 February – 28 February 2010

    The kernel is now updated to 2.6.33 final. As usual, KernelNewbies has a complete overview of the changes in this new kernel. Some noteworthy changes include: the new Nouveau driver for NVidia graphics cards is now included in the kernel and is now used by default on Mandriva instead of the NV driver. DRBD, the Distributed Replicated Block Device driver, which is useful on High Availabality clusters is now included in the kernel. There is a new experimental Compcache driver, which compresses part of the memory, effectively increasing the amount of memory you can use. Note that Mandriva does not yet include the user space tools to effectively use this.…

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    Noteworthy Mandriva Cooker changes 1 February – 14 February 2010

    GNOME is now at version 2.29.90 (the first beta of GNOME 2.30). Compared with the previous alpha release, it brings various improvements to the new features previously added. KDE has been updated to final version 4.4.0. New features since KDE 4.3 include integrated desktop search in Dolphin, a new Plasma desktop interface optimized for netbooks, Palapelli (a jigsaw puzzle game), Cantor (a scientific maths application) and many others. New versions of the personal finances management applications Skrooge and Homebank were released. Skrooge 0.6.0 brings improved graphs reports and better automatic text completion of categories and an improved Search & Process user interface. Homebank 4.2 brings similar improvements with a new…

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    Noteworthy Mandriva Cooker changes 18 January – 31 January 2010

    Linux kernel 2.6.33 rc6 is now the default kernel in Mandriva Cooker. In this kernel, the anticipatory I/O scheduler has been removed, and there were again various performance improvements to the CFQ I/O scheduler, which is the default already for a long time. There were also different performance improvements to KVM virtualization (such as improved kernel context switching speed and IRQ scaling). There are power saving improvements in the Intel i915 driver (render standby and LVDS downclock, the latter being disabled by default for now), a new driver supporting VMware’s paravirtualized SCSI device, better support for ALPS DualPoint touchpad/trackpoint on some Dell laptops, and many other improvements to hardware support.…

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    Noteworthy changes 1 January – 17 January 2010

    The first two weeks of 2010 have passed, and the first alpha version of Mandriva 2010.1 has been released last week. Here are some of the interesting changes currently available in Cooker: GNOME has been upgraded to the new development release 2.29.5. The Cheese webcam application has been split into different libraries, making it easier for other applications to integrate webcam functionality (like avatar choosers in instant messaging applications). Epiphany now uses an infobar to ask the user for saving website username and password and stores them in the GNOME keyring. Thanks to the new Content-Encoding support in Libsoup and Webkitgtk, Epiphany is now capable of correctly rendering web pages…

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    Noteworthy changes 21 december – 31 december 2009

    In spite of the holiday season, lots of new packages continue to trickle in Mandriva Cooker. Amongst the many updates, here is an overview of some important changes: GNOME is now updated toversion 2.29.4: The most important changes are in Nautilus. In preparation of GNOME 3.0, where Nautilus will purely be a file browser and won’t provide the desktop anymore, the file management part has been improved a lot. Upstream is now using browser mode by default (this was already the case in Mandriva) and made several UI improvements for it. The developers have added now an optional split view like Midnight Commander. Another useful change is that it’s now…

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    Noteworthy changes 30 November – 20 December 2009

    Lots of important changes happened in Mandriva Cooker during the last few weeks. Here is a quick summary: GNOME has been updated to the development version 2.29.3. There is a new game, called LightsOff, Empathy has improved IRC support, Evince supports PDF file attachment annotations and opens each document in a separate process, more and more applications support Seed and more applications have been ported to new APIs such as GtkBuilder. KDE is now at version 4.4 beta 1. Amarok 2.2.2 beta 1 brings improved podcast support, custom track labels and other improvements. Linux kernel 2.6.32 is now used in Cooker. Per-backing-device based writeback gives better writing performance under many…

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    Noteworthy changes in Mandriva Cooker 15 November – 29 November

    The QT and KDE development snapshots have been updated to the latest versions: QT 4.6 RC 1 and KDE 4.3.77. Desktop effects are now enabled by default in KDE and Nepomuk is now using Virtuoso as its back-end to store data, which should give faster tagging and indexing. OpenOffice.org 3.2 beta 1 is now in Cooker. A very noticeable change is that its start-up performance has improved. Expect also better OpenXML files import and basic docx file export. Firefox 3.6 beta 4 is now in main/testing. Developers are focussing on bug fixes and a release candidate is expected very soon now. For the first time, a development snapshot of Google’s…

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    Making your mixed KDE and GNOME desktop look cool

    Most people use a mix of QT/KDE and GTK+/GNOME applications on their Linux system. Because both QT and GTK+ use their own widgets (which are all GUI elements, like buttons, toolbars, menus, checkboxes, etc…) and theme engine, QT and GTK+ applications look different from each other. This is especially bad if you use KDE in Debian: in that case by default no GTK+ theme is configured, making GTK+ applications, like Firefox, look like ugly Windows 95 applications. Mandriva on the contrary does use a common graphical theme for both GTK+ and KDE applications (called Ia Ora), but it’s not easy to change the GTK+ theme if you use KDE or…

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    NetworkManager in Mandriva

    Already for some time, I experience some annoyances in Mandriva’s wifi configuration tools especially when moving my laptop from one to another location with a different wifi network where I connect to. The list of inaccessible wifi networks is not cleaned up in the network applet when moving the system, the network applet says it connected to network X, while in reality it connects to network Y and it only reconnects automatically to the last SSID you were connected to but not to a previously known SSID. Other distributions (Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu and also OpenSUSE if I am not mistaken) are using NetworkManager for some time. When working on these other…