LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10) on OnePlus 3/3T status

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I own a OnePlus 3 phone and I am currently running Android 10 based LineageOS 17.1 on it. Unfortunately there is no handy (for end-users) list of known bugs and frequently asked questions for LineageOS on the OnePlus 3 and the only way to know them is to read through the LineageOS 17.1 on Oneplus 3 thread on the XDA-developers forum. The lack of such a handy list results in people asking about the same problems over and over again and this is a source of frustration for the more experienced visitors and developers in the thread, who often answer these questions in a blunt way.

Because I think such a list is really needed and lacking, I am creating one here, which I will try to keep up to date.

As the OnePlus 3T runs the same LineageOS builds the information here is also valid for that phone.

Questions, problems and solutions

Is it possible to upgrade from LineageOS 16 to 17.1?

Even though they discourage to do this on XDA and will refuse to give you any support if you did not do a clean installation, it is actually possible. The procedure can lead to problems, so make sure you have proper back-ups and know how to use TWRP.

First make a complete back-up of your device using TWRP. I strongly recommend to back up everything, both the system partition files as the system image. While this is both the same, sometimes a restored system only boots successfully with one of them. Definitely also backup data and boot.

After a successful complete backup, connect your phone to your computer, and via the android notification that it’s charging via USB, select that you want to transfer files. Now open your device’s internal storage disk on your computer, and copy the complete backup in TWRP/BACKUPS/ to your computer. If you have TitaniumBackup, I recommend also making a complete back-up of all apps, and then copying this back-up which is stored in the TitaniumBackup directory on your internal storage to your PC. While connected to your PC, also make a back-up of your photos in the DCIM directory, because these are not included in backups made with TWRP and TitaniumBackup.

Download the following files, either using a browser in Android, either using your computer and in that case copy them to your phone’s internal storage.

Before proceeding, reset all app permissions in LineageOS 16, because they can cause a boot loop in LineageOS 17.1 otherwise. To do so, connect your phone to your computer, enable USB debuggin in the Developer settings, and run

$ adb shell pm reset-permissions

You can also run pm reset-permissions from a terminal on your phone.

Also completely disable AFWall+ if you have installed this. Because Android 10 adds NetworkStack (, which needs to be allowed in the firewall to get network access, you can have network problems in case AFWall+ is enabled after the upgrade. I even experienced spontaneous reboots.

Now go to TWRP and choose Install – Install image, and choose the twrp image. Choose recovery and let it flash TWRP. Then reboot your phone back into the new recovery.

Now in TWRP install the Magisk uninstaller zip. I recommend uninstalling Magisk completely because sometimes it results in boot loops. Then flash LineageOS 17.1 and OpenGapps, then wipe cache and dalvik cache, and reboot. If all goes fine, you can boot back in TWRP and flash Magisk and optionally MadKernel.

If you end up in a boot loop (the boot appears to hang on the boot logo and after a long time returns to TWRP with message RescueParty), go back to TWRP, choose Wipe – Advanced wipe, and wipe system, boot, cache and dalvik. Then Install LineageOS and OpenGapps zip and reboot.

If all this fails, restore the backups you made.

In LineageOS 17.1, I recommend starting up all programs and giving them back the permissions they need. This is particularly important for the Clock app, in order to make alarms work fine. I also recommend resetting all notification, alarm and ringtone sounds, because on my phone they were muted after the update until I reset them. Before enabling AFWall+ again, make sure you allow NetworkStack.

Which gapps should I use?

Use OpenGapps nano. Never use any of the more complete packages, they will cause problems. Install the missing Google applications afterwards from the Play Store.

I cannot find Netflix in the Google Play Store

When you go the Settings in the Play Store app, under Play Protect certification you will see that your device is not certified.

To solve this, flash the latest Magisk zip in TWRP. Then back in Android go to Settings – Apps & Notifications and there go to Play Store App-Info. Go to Storage and there clear the cache and the storage. Now restart your phone. If you go to the Play Store settings, you will see that the message that it is not certified is gone, and you will be able to install Netflix. After clearing the storage, verify that the Play Store settings are OK for you, because these will have been reset.

Android Gadget Hacks: Fix Play Store Uncertified Errors When You Forget to Flash Magisk

My bank app refuses to start because the phone is rooted

Flash Magisk in TWRP. Then Start Magisk Manager and tap on SafetyNet Check. It should return Success and a green check mark for both CtsProfile and basicIntegrity. Then in Magisk’s menu go to Settings and make sure Magisk Hide is enabled. Then in the menu go to Magisk Hide and enable it for your bank app and for Google Play Services. If it does not work yet, try to remove data and cache of your bank app and reboot. Then try to reconfigure your account.

Nothing happens when you press the Recent Apps button

This happens when you use a different launcher than the default Trebuchet launcher (for example Nova Launcher or Lawnchair) and have frozen Trebuchet. Unfreeze Trebuchet. In case you have completely uninstalled Trebuchet, reflashing LineageOS should bring it back.

Reddit: LOS17.1: OP3: Recent app switcher doesn’t work

Another possible cause is that you used a different OpenGapps version than the nano package. If this is the case, wipe the system partition, reinstall LineageOS and install OpenGapps nano.

Notification and alarm sounds are always muted

Even when your phone is not in silent mode, it’s possible that notification, alarm and ringtone sounds are not played back, and your phone only vibrates. The solution is to reset all sounds via Settings – Sounds – Advanced. Set them to a different sound, tap on Save at the right top, and then set it back to your preferred soundand again save it. It should now work. You will have to do the same in the Clocks application: for every alarm, tap on the Bell icon, and set your preferred alarm sound. If you have any apps which have their own notification sound setting (for example K9-Mail), you probably will also have to set it again in that app.

Known bugs in LineageOS 17.1 on OnePlus 3/3T

No way to disable a SIM card when using multiple SIMs–3t-cross-device-development/rom-lineageos-17-0-oneplus-3-3t-t3990061/post82770687#post82770687–3t-cross-device-development/rom-lineageos-17-0-oneplus-3-3t-t3990061/post82771459#post82771459

In LineageOS 16.0 it’s possible to disable one of the SIM cards if you have two SIMs installed. In LineageOS 17.1, the only way to disable a SIM is to physically remove the card from the slot.

This problem is not OnePlus 3/3T specific: it is like this in all LineageOS builds for all devices, and is a deliberate choice by the developers, because it was too hard to implement this for Qualcomm devices (“it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”).

Solved problems in earlier LineageOS 17 builds

GPS not working reliably–3t-cross-device-development/rom-lineageos-17-0-oneplus-3-3t-t3990061/post83069417#post83069417–3t-cross-device-development/rom-lineageos-17-0-oneplus-3-3t-t3990061/post83075619#post83075619

Getting a GPS fix took a long time or was even impossible in build before 13 July 2020. Update to a recent build, and try to clear A-GPS data with an app like GPS Status if you experience this problem.

The microphone stops working especially after making a call in apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, Skype

After making a call in a VoIP application like Telegram, Whatsapp and Skype, the microphone only works in calls but not in other applications. This means the microphone does not work when recording video, when recording voice message in different apps, Google Assistant stops listening to commands, etc. The phone needs to be rebooted to make the microphone work in all apps again.

This bug was fixed by this merge request which is included in nightly build 20200831 and later (31 August 2020) and the solution was confirmed on the XDA developers forum.

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  1. Frederik,
    Excellent post. I would like tot add that LTE is not working for me one the OP3.
    I succesfully flashed OP1 and OP2 which work fine on LTE/4G.
    No matter what I try, cant get LTE Yo work.
    Will give it anonther try.

  2. Regarding SIM disabling, on my current phone I decided to go with Havoc OS (based on android 10). I was able to set up Tasker to enable and disable my second sim slot. There’s even a youtube video on how to do this. It’s just a teeny bit awkward, but easier than removing one of your sims from the phone every night.

    Maybe this would work on LineageOS?

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