Call for testers for new hplip package (HP printer drivers) in Mandriva

I just submitted hplip version 3.9.2 to Mandriva 2009.1 Cooker. If everything goes fine, this package will probably be available in a couple of hours, depending on the mirror you use. This version should bring many bug fixes to the QT4 interface (which was still experimental in previous hplip versions) and adds support for some new HP printers.

In this package, I also merged lots of patches and changes from Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu. Most important, this includes some changes in the way permissions on the device are set. It would be good if as many people as possible could extensively test this.

Make sure that your computer system is completely up to date Cooker (run urpmi –auto-update as root before) and make sure you have these packages installed: hplip-3.9.2-1mdv2009.1, hplip-hpijs-3.9.2-1mdv2009.1, hplip-gui-3.9.2-1mdv2009.1, foomatic-db-hpijs-20090208-1mdv2009.1 and foomatic-db-engine-4.0-0.20090316.1mdv2009.1.

You can configure your printer by running the command hp-setup. What needs to be checked, is that the printer works in any case: when you boot your computer while the printer is plugged in, and also when you only plug in your printer after you have started your computer. The same thing for scanning, if you have a multi-functional HP printer with integrated scanner. It would also be interesting if people could test the fax functionality of hplip (in the applications menu Tools – System Tools – HP Sendfax).

If something is not working, run the hp-check -r command as root, and post the resulting hp-check file to a bug report on Mandriva’s bugzilla, including detailed information about your printer configuration and what exactly is not working. You can add my e-mail address in CC.


  • motitos

    It worked fine! By the way, the new look of HP-toolbox is great. I’ve seen quite a lot of improvements. The only problem is that I had to install libsane-hpiao1 by hand. In other words, this one is not installed as a dependency of xsane or hplip.

    Good work!

    • Frederik

      libsane-hpaio1 is not a dependency of hplip, because this would otherwise cause the sane daemon and all it’s back-ends to be installed, even on machines without a scanner. It should be installed if you configure the printer with the system-config-printer tool, which is used by default in Mandriva. Could you please verify this by removing the package again, and setting up your printer with system-config-printer? If it’s not installed, please open a bug report on with the output of the hp-check -r command. Thanks!