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I only started blogging one week ago, but a lot has happened already in the meantime. I had already plans for setting up a blog for some time, and had installed Serendipity a few weeks ago. Why Serendipity and not the more popular WordPress? Well, it was not a very rational decision. I remember a few years ago I was watching statistics by the CIA bot. Serendipity was at that moment one of the most active projects over there. I did a quick install on some test machine, and it seemed nice. And a few weeks ago, because I remembered that, I started looking at Serendipity again. It seemed to have all features I wanted (for example multilingual posts), so I decided to use it. Unfortunately, I discovered already several bugs (especially in the multilingual plug-in), so some work is still needed to get it in a perfect state.

My first post with the review of Gnome audio CD burning applications was a big success actually. Several other sites linked to it, and my posts are now appearing on Planet Mandriva. And probably the most important news: Mandriva now uses Serpentine as its default Gnome audio CD writing application!

So what’s next? Well, I’m currently trying out the Epiphany web browser. I’ll surely write about my experience soon here!

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