HP's customer support: part 2

Two weeks ago I wrote about my struggle with HP’s customer service. To summarize: HP was unable to replace a failed 160 GB SSD because it was not in stock and was unable to provide me any other alternative even after one month. In the end, a 250 GB SSD was promised, but it also was not delivered.

  • Friday morning, 1 July, I call back HP’s support service. It seems that they still need approval from the Customer Relations Team (CRT) Belgium to send me a 250 GB SSD instead of the 160 GB one but were unable to get an answer from CRT. The guy on the phone trieq different times to call CRT while I am waiting, but the call is always dropped after one minute. In the end, he can not do anything more than contact CRT by e-mail.
  • Friday afternoon, I receive an e-mail from CRT. CRT Belgium & Luxembourg seems to be located in Sofia (Bulgaria), but they are answering me in Dutch. They approve the replacement of the 160 GB SSD by a 250 GB one and apologize for the long delay. Finally I start having some hope than things will be fixed now.
  • Friday evening, I take a look at the case log on HP’s support site. I feel big consternation when reading that a few hours afters CRT approved replacement by a 250 GB SSD, it appears that the 250 GB SSD is also unavailable! The case log mentions that I was informed about the delay but I had not had any contact with HP anymore after Friday morning, so the only way I discover the new delay, is by logging into HP’s site and reading the case log.
  • Monday morning, 4 July, I reply to CRT and to the support case that I do not accept the new delay and I demand an immediate solution. I receive a message in which they apologize for the delays and they inform me that people of superior departments are looking for a solution “with appropriate priority”. I also receive a message from our HP distributor asking whether this problem is still pending. I confirm them on Wednesday 6 July that this is still the case and they will transfer my complaint to HP Belgium.
  • I finally get a reaction from HP on Friday 8 July. They inform that they will send me a 500 GB 7200 RPM disk instead of the 160 GB SSD which is not deliverable. The disk will arrive on Monday 11 July. I answer them that I do not accept this as a final solution to the problem because a 7200 RPM disk is much slower and much more inexpensive than the 160 GB SSD this machine was bought with. In the afternoon I get the answer that the 500 GB 7200 RPM disk will be sent as a temporary replacement then, and that a 160 GB SSD will be ordered too and sent as soon as available.
  • As of Sunday 10 July, I have no indication that the 500 GB disk has been sent, so I am quite skeptical that the disk will be there on 11 July. I also have my doubts if and when I will finally receive an SSD.

To be continued…