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KDE 4’s artwork is really a giant leap forward on all fronts

kscd (KDE’s audio cd player) can be skinned in KDE 4. Unfortunately, all skins look similar to this…


  • Alexis Menard

    Some clarification :

    It was a project student to have Kscd again in KDE using phonon and solid, they add theming support and they create some default svg just to show that it works. I remind you that is a trunk version, not yet released. Other point is that they are developers, not artists and they never pretend to be artists. Go to kde-artists mailing list and ask the team to add SVG theme for that. It’s more interesting than you post i think. Try to get context before posting.

  • Aaron Seigo

    Congratulations on finding probably the biggest bit of SVG that hasn’t had an actual artist work on it. This huge undertaking on KsCD was done by a small group of university students as part of their class studies; it needs a nice SVG to make it look good, but none of the artists have yet had time to do so.

  • Frederik

    It seems my post was unexpectedly and unintendedly picked up by some other sites and is unneededly causing a bit of an row.

    Some more thoughts:

    – Before I made this post, this issue was discussed on Mandriva Cooker’s IRC channel and this discussion even involved Mandriva’s KDE maintainer. Most people were clearly not aware that this is a Mandriva specific issue, and this fact was never mentioned during the discussion. Searching for KDE 4 kscd on Google, does not give any pointers to this fact, so there is no reasonable way that a user can know this.

    – In the end, it does not matter whose fault it is. Users will install Mandriva and see that kscd is broken (in Mandriva’s default setup it does not work at all because phonon-gstreamer has problems with CDDA) and ugly. Whether that’s a Mandriva specific issue or a KDE upstream issue, does not matter for users (users often don’t even know the difference between these two)

    – Because of these two problems, I proposed to change the dependencies on Mandriva’s KDE metapackages, so that kscd would not be installed by default on Mandriva (there are enough other alternatives in Mandriva). Unfortunately nobody cared to take that decision.

    – I think lots of people are currently wondering why those students even bothered to change kscd’s UI, if they knew they were not capable of providing a nice alternative. In the end, I think an audio cd player should not be skinnable. It should work and be easy and handy to use in the first place, theming does not have any added value for most people.