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KDE 4.1 beta 2 bug status

This week-end, I installed KDE 4.0.83 also known as 4.1 beta 2. Here’s a quick round-up of issues I reported:

Looking at the bugs of previous weeks, those are fixed now:

So in total, this means 4 out of 31 bugs reported during the last two weeks are fixed now. Unfortunately, most other bugs did not see much progress at all: either they are considered as feature request for KDE 4.2 or later, either they are completely ignored, either the only progres is that the developer says it is working for him, even if I can easily reproduce these bugs. I could not find the feature “folder view widget used as desktop”, which is really needed in my opinion, so it seems indeed that this is only a KDE 4.2 feature, as was suggested in an earlier comment on this blog. Together with all other bugs/feature requests for Plasma I reported, I am still convinced that Plasma is not mature enough today to be used in a production environment by non-geeks.