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Resistance is futile, you will be packaged!

Today, I had again the honour to work with an operating system which is not based around a package manager. The victim: Mac OS X Server. It’s a brand new Mac Pro machine being used as a mail and web server.

Mac OS X Server already comes with most software for configuring a web and mail server included, and has graphical configuration tools. Postfix, Cyrus, Amavisd-new, Spamassassin, Clamav, Apache HTTPD, etc, are all there by default, and easy to configure. Sounds great? Wait a minute…

The problem is that the versions included, are really old, even completely outdated. Let’s take Apache. The version included is some 1.3 version. If you need Subversion running on Apache with Webdav support, then you need at least Apache 2.0… Clamav? the included version is some 0.88 version, which cannot use today’s virusdb updates anymore. That makes Clamav completely useless… Spamassassin? You have the outdated version 3.0.1, hardly impressive if you need to filter’s todays spammer’s creations.

So to make your system really useful, you have to compile a lot of programs by hand. On the system there was Macports installed, and Perl version 5.8 (not sure if it came like this by default, or someone else installed these on this machine before I touched it). So I installed Spamassassin with Perl 5.8 CPAN. All went fine. Let’s restart amavisd, and it will be using the new spamassassin, right? Wrong! Amavisd-new itself is a Perl program, and does not use the spamassassin or spamc binaries, but directly accesses the Spamassassin Perl module. amavisd-new was still using Perl 5.6 as installed by default in Mac OS X, while Spamassassin used Perl 5.8 from Macports, so amavisd-new only found the old Spamassassin in @INC. That should not be too difficult to fix: let’s just change the shebang in amavisd-new, so it uses Perl 5.8 in /opt/local/bin. I restart amavisd, and got a lot of errors of missing Perl modules. By trial and error (read: installing dependency, trying to start amavisd, getting new error, installing dependency,….), I succeed in the end in installing all its dependencies, and amavisd starts fine now. A bit later, new mail starts arriving, and this causes weird errors in the amavisd log (something about wrong file handles). Huh? Well, the amavisd-new included in Mac OS X is very old (from 2004 or 2005 if I remember correctly). Maybe it simply does not work with Perl 5.8?

So now I had to upgrade amavisd-new too… Fortunately some great documentation on the web helped me a lot. Again I had to install some Perl dependencies with cpan, I had to patch amavisd-new for Mac OS X as instructed in the guide, and I had to recreate a new amavisd.conf file. But in the end, I finally had a working amavisd-new installation.

But we don’t have finished yet! Now it seems mails are not scanned anymore with Razor2, although it is installed by default in Mac OS X and I have activated it in my Spamassassin 3.2 configuration… Well it’s the same problem again: Razor2 is installed in Perl 5.6 @INC, but not in Perl 5.8. So again I had to grab the sources and install it by hand, to make it work. While at it, I also compiled Pyzor and dcc-client. And I created a little cronjob wich uses sa-update to grab new rules from SARE.

So, after several hours of work, I think I finally have an adequate working spam filtering system on Mac OS X Server. On an operating system with a good package manager and enough available packages, such as Debian or Mandriva, this would have cost me about an hour at most. Operating systems like Mac OS X, Slackware and others which lack a complete and well integrated packaging system and ditto repositories, really make this a terrible experience. Avoid them if you can!