OpenSolaris, ForeSight Linux, Mandriva 2007.1

Today I received the OpenSolaris Starter Kit package in my letter box! To promote OpenSolaris, Sun decided to start a free delivery program of the OS. The kit contains two DVDs: the first one contains live versions of OpenSolaris distributions Belenix, Schillix and Nexenta, while the second CD contains Sun’s own Solaris Express Community Edition. I thought to try it out quickly in VMWare, but apparently it needs 768 MB of Ram! Ouch, that’s huge, just for installing an OS! I’ll try to test out the live distributions maybe this weekend.

Today I also downloaded Foresight Linux. It seems to be a nice Gnome based distribution. I would like to try it out soon. I hope it won’t be a disappointment like Frugalware recently.

Another thing I would really need to do is write an extensive Mandriva 2007.1 final review. Yes, it is not yet officially announced, but the final 2007.1 tree is already available. It seems ISO images are currently distributed to early Bittorrent seeders, so maybe already tomorrow we can expect the official announcement.

Seems like I planned to do a lot this weekend. And I’m pretty sure I will never finish all these plans, because it’s becoming very hot again in Belgium, and then I like not to spend too much time on my computer :-) Forecasts said temperature would rise to 27 degrees during the next days. And that in April in Belgium?! I mean, fifteen years ago we used to say it was already very hot if it was 27 degrees in summer time… After one of the hottest summer ever last year (maximum of 37 degrees), an unusual hot winter (breaking several day and month records), now an extremely hot Spring… Global warming is clearly not an inconvenient threat for the future, it is already reality. Time to wake up those world leaders who still think it’s not necessary to do something.

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  1. You should really try out Foresight and also try to build a package with conary and see the difference. As a start we have made a HOWTO:

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